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What is poradíme.cz?

We see quality of leadership and management of the company as the most important thing, regardless of the size of the company or the industry from which it comes. We will help you to formulate a well-planned corporate strategy and business plan, set process management using economic tools and fine-tune the company's management. Show moreWe identify and evaluate problems without affecting the daily operation of the company, which we always keep in the forefront.
We find comprehensive solutions, supported by high-quality data and information that will help you to structure and interpret implementation.

Software as a Service

We believe in connecting with technology

Choosing or changing a company's system is complex. Whether you are looking for a robust ERP system or a reporting tool, we have the right solution for you. With our partners, we are able to provide both through our innovative Software as a Service.

We use these systems: eso eso

Do you need a complete solution? We're ready to help you acheive it and ensure the comprehensive implementation of your chosen information system.

For technical and financial details please contact us

You need to plan or report? We have a way to structure your data and corporate finances for quick and easy use.

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Management support

Business consultancy focused on strategy, processes, corporate finance and legislative requirements

ico Support of strategic management +
  • strategic analysis implementation
  • buildig SWOT analysis
  • cooperation with corporate strategy formulation
  • cooperation with business plan compilation
ico Process management +
  • building organizational structure
  • building process maps
  • setting departmental culture
  • setting document management
  • setting work flow
  • setting approval documents
  • cooperation in preparing internal regulations
  • responsibility matrix, competency model
ico Cost-leadership +
  • setting up a basic controlling system
  • planning and setting up a budget forecast
  • optimizing both fixed and variable costs
  • setting up a motivational model
  • setting KPI's performance
  • management reporting
  • statutory reporting
  • aging of receivables and payables
ico Corporate services +
  • company establishment and registration
  • company registration for relevant taxes
  • services related to provision seat
  • notary services

Any legislative affairs realized in cooperation with law companies:


LOGIC minutes - meetings, meetings, meetings

We know from experience that the organization of meetings is important. We know how to do it effectively - without the complicated rewrites. Send minutes online, share tasks with your calendar, set a clear agenda. See how the service works:

LOGIC minutes - minutes from corporate meetings. Simply.
Get minutes for a monthly fee of € 2.60 per user.
Available on the App Store from June 2016

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