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What is propojí

Our mission is to provide a rapid, cost-effective and functional strategy for your information technology. Our approach always follows the necessary protective elements and rules, meets legislative requirements, focuses on practical applicability and draws on the merits of the chosen solution.
Show moreThe speed and quality of data security and the comprehensive advancement of ICT is seen as one of the main cornerstones of successful operation for any company. We will prepare an optimal solution depending on your actual needs. We will help you to store, protect and share corporate data. We can solve your e-mail communication needs. If necessary, we are ready to completely take over ICT management.

We manage small, medium and large companies. We use monitoring, so we know what is going on even before you do. We are available 24 hours a day and are able to:

ico optimization solutions, taking into consideration the cost, technical requirements and complexity of legislative requirements
ico data recovery
ico server, workstation and user administration
ico structured cabling (metallic, optical, wireless)
ico monitoring, backup, network security, data protection
ico Linux, Windows, MacOS management systems
ico tailored e-mail solutions
ico cloud services

Get hosted email that will give you access to your mail anywhere, anytime.

Our aim is to create a cost-effective replacement for MS Exchange. You do not have to invest in buying and managing your own servers; we take care of everything, keeping your data safe. Taking an individual approach is paramount for us: we are commited to finding tailored solutions just for you. LOGIC mail helps cope with the growing volume of data to which you have access, regardless of which device you are currently working from.
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ico LOGIC mail security

Linking the e-mail client with the server is done via SSL encryption, powerful antivirus software, spam filters and many other features that help secure your data.

All servers are backed up in case of an unexpected accident. Our servers are located on the backbone network and are very well protected against hacker attacks. They are monitored 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

ico An individual approach to problems

We realize that sometimes difficulties arise. However, that is exactly when you'll find us at your side the most. Using our LOGIC desk, you are in constant contact, and so will be immediately informed about the situation and how to go about troubleshooting. Thanks to this, we can arrange everything you need.

LOGIC mail with 24/7 access to your mail from anywhere
Get corporate e-mail for a monthly fee of € 3 per user

No need to be modest, we offer unlimited storage for your data.

Our cloud-based solutions offer Software as a Service, and we believe that this will be the most effective solution for your needs. You can enjoy access to your information from anywhere and at anytime, without needing to own your own servers and other hardware. Calculate the detailed cost of the services in question so that you can plan costs accurately and save time. The result will be zero capital cost and rapid use of the service.

We are backing up your data as you go, so you don't need to worry about losing your data. Using LOGIC space we can recover data in case of accidental erasure or any other damage.

ico 0% data loss, 100% performance
ico Efficient and individual approach
ico Logic space security +

Our system protects data at multiple levels in combination with data centers. Connecting to cloud services is done via encrypted tunnel VPN, or SSL, depending on the service used. To increase the security filter, access to services is only available from certain IP addresses; for example: office, home, etc.
Our servers are located on the backbone network and are very well protected from any attacks. Like our other services, LOGIC space is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

LOGIC space - unlimited storage for your data
Get an individual price offer for your data space.

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